How Emergency Stretchers Are Used – Free Encyclopedia Online

To handle. It could be a fire, an earthquake, or a car collision to name but several. Whatever the situation is, there can be severe injuries which require urgent medical treatment. Medical professionals are always called for assistance when faced with an emergency situation like this. Most of the time, an injured person could not walk. They may have even sustained spine and back injuries that are dangerous. They’ll be taken to an ambulance to ensure they will be treated at an hospital. The emergency stretchers come in handy. They serve as the vehicles for transporting injured patients safely into the ambulance. The video below will explain how they function.

The injured person should be handled with care when placed on the stretcher. There may be a reason why they are placed on the stretcher with the sides. In case there’s a chance of a spinal injury, extra care is taken in moving a person to the stretcher. A couple of people typically carry a stretcher. They must communicate effectively about the time they lift, and walk to avoid accidently dropping the patient.