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Are you Engaging Your Readers? Four Advantages to Website News Feeds

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Did you know that there are over 634 million websites? If you are trying to increase the number of views your website receives, you probably face a lot of competition for consumer attention, regardless of what you sell or offer. One thing that can help some websites is a website news feed. Here are four advantages to having a news feed for website.

1. Engage your readers

It is easy for websites, especially smaller sites, to become stale in their online offerings. Consumers, however, like change, and they like when websites lead them through different options for clicking. When you add an rss news feed for websites to a page, it gives the user different options of where to go. It also helps to maintain the impression of relevancy, since the news feed will display all the latest news and articles the site has features.

2. Keep clicks coming to your company

What happens when a user finishes looking at what they came to look at, or when they decide that the page is not what they were