What Are the Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems? – CEXC


Let’s take a look at some of the more commonly used types of fire protection devices that are worth installation in your home or business.
Wet systems are the first kind of fire sprinkler system we will be discussing. Water fills the pipes of system of fire sprinklers with water. This way when there’s a fire, and the sprinklers have been activated, the water is immediately available to suppress the fire. However, this method can create the risk of water damage in the event that any of the pipes sustain damage therefore, it is important to invest in regular inspections.
Another type of common system for preventing fire is called dry fire suppression systems. Its structure is similar with those with a wet-based system. But, it does have a significant difference in the pipes’ content. A system that is wet will fill with water continuously, while a dry system won’t be flooding until the fire starts to ignite water sprinkler heads.