Inspecting a Black Hawk Before Flight – The Buy Me Blog

The process is known as a Preflight. The Preflight ensures that each part of your helicopter works perfectly. In this video you’ll learn the steps to perform an air-check for one of the Black Hawk helicopter, from beginning through to ensure that you can follow along to verify your helicopter.

The inspector will be able to get on the top of the helicopter and raise the panels one by one as the flight is in progress. Inside the panels are a number of components which the inspector has to look over. The inspector checks all connections are secured and that anything that needs to be latched closed is. It is advised that you wear gloves when doing the task to guard your hands. Preflight covers every aspect of the flight. The helicopter is then able to be safely flown after it has been done. Any found issues will need to be rectified. s5c2mgxrjs.