Can You Overseed with a Hydroseeder? – Rad Center

There are many businesses who offer hydroseeding solutions and there is a task to do that involves overseeing. The two are usually asked the same question what is it like managing one’s hydroseeder? They say that they carry one with them which is filled with 180 gallon of water. Next, they will include 10 pounds of seed to it. This will enable them to cover 10,000 feet. To help you see exactly where the previous work you did been, put a small amount of mulch to the hydroseeder. This can give you some idea of where your been because of the color change. It is important to be aware of which area you’ve visited and creating an even coat of spray when spreading the grass is what Derek recommends when overseeding the lawn using a hydroseeder.

Take a look at the video and hear the explanation from Adam about how they created the lawn to appear as it now, and also why they chose to go using a hydroseeder. This video will show them setting up and overseeing the lawn. You will also be able to view the result. You can easily complete the task once you have begun it.