What Does a Home Energy Auditor Actually Do? – Continuing Education Schools

If you’re aspiring to become one or looking to become the position of an auditor for energy, it is beneficial to learn more about the job. In this short video, you can hear Cedar talking about her job as an energy professional. Cedar comes to homes of the people who ask her help, then gives them an energy assessment. An appointment can be scheduled by the consumer and lasts approximately 2 hours. Cedar explains to the customer the ways they can enhance their energy efficiency in their house. The result is that they save both money and help the environment. Helping these customers and helping in achieving their home’s energy-saving goals is her favourite aspect of her position. Cedar may recommend that clients upgrade their insulation, or even change the type of lightbulbs they use. The energy assessments are conducted in a variety of homes which range from mansions that are energy-efficient to older homes built around 1900 that might require a significant amount of work in the environmental department. 6cbzl6gvqm.