The Proper Way to Use Hose Clamps – Boston Equator

E clamps are sometimes referred to Torro clamps and clamp rubber hoses which connect to the engine. They’re cheap and easy to use, but they’re susceptible to leaks. This video provides a remedy that you can employ to stop water from leaking onto your vehicle.

If you see water leaks in your coolant oil, power steering, and transmission fluids, this may result from the torro clamp being loose. The clamps need to be replaced to stop the leak from occurring again. The heat produced by your engine could cause the screws to come undone over and over again.

Be sure to use the appropriate clamp for each of the of the hoses in your vehicle. You need a constant tension clamp, not one that screws together. This allows for the clamp to adjust to the heat emitted by the engine and be able to remain in place. Installing the constant tension clamps is simple, and they are able to manage the expansion and contraction of the pipes.

There is more info on constant tension clamps and their advantages, when you click the link.