The Electronic Disposal Process – Computer Crash

It is a safe process to protect human health and the natural environment. What exactly is electronic disposal? For a better understanding of the different aspects of electronic disposal this video will show how an electronic garbage processing facility handles over 200,000 kg of electronic waste every month.

In the beginning, all electronics has to be separated into two piles. This will allow the waste team to differentiate flat-screen TVs and CRT TVs, and computers. Waste piles are put into bins and after which they are weighed before going to the process of presorting.

Presorting is the process of removing hazardous material from electronic parts. Batteries, cartridges for ink, CRT glass lamps, mercury and other. CRT televisions must be taken apart completely as they have leaded glass which has to be eliminated using a specific method.

The final step is to cut the material into shreds. The site for disposal has a large industrial shredder which can crush the electronic debris. The shreds are sort by further workers and then passes through an overband magnet that separates metal from the waste.

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