Is the RTEX-18 Worth the Hype? – DwellingSales

Have you had experience with water heaters. It’s vital to have water heaters in every home and business. Therefore, it is vital that you’re knowledgeable about the latest and greatest options that are available. As water heating technology changes constantly, a lot of customers are investing in tanksless water heaters. These compact, robust heaters are getting more popular within the field of water heating. However, are they equally reliable or effective as traditional tanks? The rtex-18 has been touted by many people as the ideal choice for water heating, and the following video provides a review of how it’s achieved such not-to-be-missed status within the field of home renovation.

The rtex-18 delivers hot water at an instant and continuous rate to any place of use and multiple use. This guarantees hot water is always on hand at any time you need. Heating elements are designed to last, yet are also threaded to facilitate replacement if need be. The water flow rate for the Rtex-18 can be as high as 4.4 GPM, and it draws 18,000 watts. It is also equipped with an incredible auto-modulation feature that adjusts according to the water requirements of your home.