How to DIY Hose Clamps for Aircraft – Spokane Events

There are tools you need for the job you’re planning to begin. If you are working on more complicated project, specialized tools may need to be used. For smaller projects, hammers drills and screwdrivers are often sufficient. There are many components and pieces that go into commercial and jet aircrafts. Every piece is essential to ensure the success of the project. If you’re contemplating being a specialist mechanic for aircraft, or simply working on your own project with an aircraft, this video is a must-watch.

The hose clamps prevent fuel and gasses from escaping from the cracks in the connector hoses on aircrafts. This is important, since an oil leak, fuel, or gas can lead to a system failure within an aircraft. In order to avoid problems while creating yourself projects, you need to include aviation-style hose clamps. It is possible to make your own airplane-style clamps with hoses in this tutorial. These are available in bulk from numerous manufacturers. It is a great choice if you’re planning to create multiple versions of the project you are working on or to create prototypes.