How Exactly Does Divorce Mediation Work – IER Mann Legal News

Some states require that divorcees go through the mediation process prior to any divorce proceedings can proceed. People from other states may decide to use divorce mediation as their private option in their own divorce proceedings.

The practice of meditation has many benefits. Mediation can bring many benefits. A good mediation process can stop divorce matter from being brought to court and save the divorcing couple a significant amount of time and money.

Mediation involves a variety of steps. They include an initial screening of domestic violence. The screening can be done through a telephone call a day or so before the first session. The questions about domestic violence are requested by the other. This will bring to light any issues that may need to be worked out before the couple gets to the courtroom. This can also prove helpful for the mediator in determining what the couple’s relationship is like prior to working in conjunction with the couple to work on the case. That’s how the mediator describes the process in this video. u3dy73bioi.