Give Your Website Viewers Something to Talk About

A good website can be a hub for a community to share information and ideas, or it can be a platform for the webmaster to share their thoughts on anything from religion, to politics, to food. The point is, a good website does not exist in a vacuum. The sharing of information is key. Without interaction and feedback from viewers, the website is just like a journal that got left out on the street.

If you want to add exciting new content to your website and keep your audience interested, you could try getting news feeds for websites from a listing of free news feed websites. Generally, RSS feeds are free to subscribe to. If you find a list of these feeds then you can choose one or two to appear directly on your own website. Here are three easy steps to follow.

  • Step one.
  • The first thing you should do is find website news feeds that are appropriate to the content of your site. If you post content in response to the latest news headlines, then you should pick feeds from major broadcasting news stations. If you write about technology, then a feed from Gizmodo might be appropriate. You would not want to confuse your readers, or make it look as if you were a spam blog, by feeding content about animals to a website about gun control.

  • Step two.
  • Next, use free news feed website widgets or codes to add the news feed to your website. Carefully consider where you want this feed to display. A sidebar could result in unattractive formatting, but if you put a feed on the bottom or top of the page, viewers might not be able to see it. Ultimately, the location of the feed will have to be determined based on your unique website layout, and what kind of widget or code you insert.

  • Step three.
  • Now you can sit back and enjoy the exciting new content that will be delivered to and displayed directly on your website. Announce the addition to your readers, and invite them to discuss the headlines that they see. Optionally, you could use the updates to inspire your own posts.

Keeping readers coming back to your site is no easy task, but if you make sure that you have exciting content, you stand a better chance. Follow these three easy steps and you will find that incorporating related and interesting content is simple.