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The Harley-Davidson Chopper or Kawasaki speedbike as the most valuable possession. Motorcycle mechanics have to be knowledgeable in diagnosing motorcycle issues on every type of bike. That includes dirt bikes, sport bikes and cruisers. There are also dual-sport bikes. Additionally, some motorcycles may also be old-fashioned, and as such need skilled mechanics who are adept at fixing vintage motorcycles without having them lose their value. One of the advantages of being an expert mechanic on motorcycles is that more and cities are making use of motorcycles as part of their police department. Motorcycle mechanics can be employed by the city or local police department for repairs only to police motorbikes, including BMW models. 16. Small EngineMechanic Small engines are mounted on ATVs to bicycles, and even on lawnmowers. Lawnmowers are a good choice! Did you know that all those small engines need the help of a smaller engine mechanic to repair them? The most versatile kinds of jobs in automotive mechanics is that of an engine mechanic. One minute you can find yourself working on an ATV and the next trying to start up someone’s custom-built engine bike. Therefore, it’s essential to learn in order to become a smaller engine mechanic. 17. Boat mechanic A boat mechanic could also repair small engines but requires special instruction to fix boats. Boat owners tend to shell out an enormous amount for mechanics on boats. Boat mechanics must be skilled in the repair and keep boats. Also, they need to know the basics of small and large yachts. There are a variety of boats. These include sailboats and motorboats. hzrt8u2513.