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Wood chips are made by recycling or reusing organic material. They’re supposed to ultimately decompose. They aren’t aware that you do not want chunks of wood, but instead more the natural world. The nature doesn’t throw anything away by nature. The natural world is where all things fall to the ground. If you observe the nature of things and study what it does, you won’t have any problems. When you cut off oxygen, the decomposition process will produce a nice scent it. This musty and slimy scent does not suit your needs. The older wood chips work better for decomposition faster. As it comes down to the roots, you’ll need to mulch pine needles. Mulch is a great way to keep the water. If you plan to apply hot compositing, it’s similar outcome. It’s just speeding the process. It is not a way to go against nature. It is important to cooperate with nature. To learn more, take a look at this video. 5g2caokvuj.