Best Types of Sushi From an Authentic Japanese Restaurant – Confluent Kitchen

There’s an abundance of different types of sushi, too, so you can select the one that fits your preferences the most. Here are the top varieties.

This is the beginning of the rainbow roll sushi. This sushi is a California roll made of avocado with a bit of a twist. Wrap the outside with tasty sashimi. These rolls can be laid diagonally in alternating colours.

The spicy tuna roll is another option that is popular. Although there are many recipes, most restaurants use this same method: tuna with some kind of hot sauce. The tuna is cut into smaller pieces and wrap it around other ingredients.

Dragon roll sushi originates from vinegar, salmon and other seafood flavors. There are seven varieties of dragon roll sushi. Another popular option is the California roll that contains cucumber, avocado and crab meat.

Then, there’s the tiger roll sushi. It is made of rice, vinegar, and various seafoods as well as tropical fruits. Go to the following link for more details about the diverse types of sushi you can find in Japanese establishments.