Tooth Implants Explained – Choose Meds Online

Allergy or dead teeth within the mouth. This video provides an introduction to dental implants, and the process of obtaining them.

Imagine your teeth as small tree or plant. The roots of trees and plants are essential for proper growth. As with plants, dental crowns (the visible parts of your teeth) require strong roots in order for health.

A dental implant provides the prosthetic crown of a tooth that is screwed into place by implants, which functions as the root for the tooth. The dentist will inspect the gums and mouth using an xray to determine which implant is the most appropriate for you.

The x-ray will provide important information on the length of fixture for implant needed. The alveolar nerve will determine the length. The dentist will order the ideal fixture and then clean out the site of the implant, and put it in place.

The dentist then fixes scans to at the top of the implant. This will give a three-dimensional image of your mouth, as well as your surrounding teeth. The dentist will then use the scan to create a customized dental implant that fits perfectly into the mouth of your.

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