The Benefits of Free News Feeds

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. It’s basically a XML feed which is delivered to your subscribers preferred way of reading your blog posts, or your new website content. So what does that mean in terms we can make sense of? RSS feeds are essentially what you subscribe to on a website. RSS feeds can be tailored to your specific likes, which makes getting updates on things that are relevant to you instantaneous. Some RSS feeds require a paid subscription, however most act as a free news feed website feature.

Free news feed website allow readers to search website news feeds through many different options which include Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, and of course good old fashioned email. The great thing about RSS feeds and free news feed websites is their ability to be customized. For instance, allows you to subscribe to several RSS feeds. When you search RSS feeds on their site, you are given the option to select everything from politics to stock information in their rss feeds search engine, which eliminates having to revisit the site every time you are in search of some quick information.

Many webmasters and bloggers think that it is imperative to add news feed to websites, and a website without a RSS Feed is not even worth creating. If you do not have a RSS Feed, you will have a hard time gaining subscribers and getting returning visitors back to your site. Why? Because there is nothing for your site visitors to subscribe to. It takes entirely too much time to have to search the site and return back every time a visitor is looking for information. By using news feeds for websites and using the search rss feed, they save time and are only given information that is relevant to them. Of course they can follow your updates on Twitter or Facebook if your company is active, but nothing compares to the benefits of a good quality RSS Feed.

Free news feed websites are a great way to ensure your visitors continue to return to your page. If you do not have an RSS search feature on your page, you could be doing yourself and your business a serious disservice in comparison to your competitors who do.