How to Restore Faded Leather Furniture – House Killer

It’ll show signs of wear with time. As time passes, fade can occur throughout the life of furniture, specifically when rooms receive plenty of sunshine. It is not necessary to replace your sofas or chairs, however, you can bring your leather furniture back to the original state with our tips.

The first step is to have at minimum three shades of leather spray. There are a variety of shades and coats. Therefore, you have to blend them all to ensure the most effective results.

Spray approximately one feet distance. Don’t spray the affected region, but instead give it the lightest coating. Pay attention that you don’t get threads trapped. The first coating you lay down for a few minutes before applying a second coat.

Continue to layer on building up to deeper shades as you go. Make sure to apply brief bursts of color from around a foot away. For a longer life span of the shade, apply it with a sealing agent after you’ve completed the darkest layer.

It’s a normal part of owning leather furniture. But it does not mean you have to throw it away because you are able to use this method to patch it up for around 10 minutes. Just click the picture above for a short video that will show you the procedure.