Getting Your News With RSS

Are you ready to stop visiting multiple news sites to read their articles day in and day out, but still need to get a news fix? You can monitor everything from one site. News feed websites curate all of the news items into one destination for easy browsing and in depth reading.

Not only can you find public news feed websites, but you can create your own when you compile or add news feed to websites. There is a common web format that allows you to essentially syndicate your own articles from popular sites into one easy to read site. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a format that most blog and news articles use. You simple have to copy their RSS url into your chosen feed reader.

First, you can find feed readers online, for various operating systems and for most smartphone formats. Think of it as an email queue for your news articles. You add various feed urls that you want to track and as new articles become available you can read them in one location.

The free news feed for websites is typically denoted by the small orange “radio” icon. Clicking that link may open the feed in your feed reader automatically. While you may not want to build your own list of feeds, you can also use dedicated news feed websites. They have the advantage of populating recommended content that you can fine tune to your specific preferences. They pick up the website news feed just as you would for your feed reader.

There are several news feed websites that act like a dedicated feed reader. You specify how frequently you want to update them and you can catch up on various sites content through one or more news feed websites. Many of the more common search engine create news feed websites that you can add more custom content to for you perfect news solution.