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It functions like a loan however it’s more intricate than the standard loan. Learn more about how the bail bonds process functions, explained by Affordable Bail Bonding, LLC.

A judge is the only person who can decide what bail amount is. How much bail costs determined by the type of crime and if you’ve got a criminal past, or if you’re thought to be a flight risk. If you can’t pay the bond, then you’ll need be working with a representative of a bail bonds company, also known as an bail bondsman. The court agrees to accept the bail offered by the bail bondsman, so you can go free until the next time you appear in court. Bondsmen can help ensure that you appear on your court dates. If you don’t show up it is possible to find yourself in the same situation and be charged with high court fees, but you could as well be charged extra fees from bail bond agencies.

In the long run, you will pay more for an bail bond than you were to pay the bail right away. A majority of people cannot afford to pay this much cash. With a bail bond, you can get back to work as well as your family members while waiting for your trial. 3p4ij4kdz9.